Thursday, 30 January 2014

UPCOMING! Vincent Vallières at Metropolis


UPCOMING! Vincent Vallières at Metropolis  |  Thursday February 13th

Vincent Vallières keeps it uncomplicated. His words are simple and his pop rock his very straightforward and catchy, without lacking the artistic depth to be worth true music lovers' attention. His music oscillates between blues and folk, between pop and upbeat rock and roll, and he devotes careful attention to lyrics. He's got a few astonishing little ballads, true gems.

Things are going well for him at the moment. After he won the Félix for Song of the Year for On va s'aimer encore (one of those abovementioned gems) in 2011, he received another one, Performer of the Year, in 2012.

He's now back with a brand new record, which he will introduce to the Montreal public on February 13th, at Metropolis. It should be a good show.

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