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UPCOMING! Asaf Avidan at Club Soda


UPCOMING! Asaf Avidan at Club Soda  |  Monday February 24th

One day, baby we'll be old, oh baby we'll be old
Think of all the stories that we could have told
- Asaf Avidan, The Reckoning Song

Everyone I've met who heard Asaf Avidan's twangy voice for the first time thought the same thing:

"Wow, that woman has an amazing voice."

"No, Antoine," our writer Rocco Bambace once uttered, shaking his head, "Asaf Avidan is a man. He's a skinny man with a very high-pitched voice, but he's a man, I swear."

I stand corrected. And that man has quite the musical skills. We all know his Reckoning Song because of Wankelmut's 2012 remix (what astonishingly, simple, sober, and great lyrics). But there's more to the man.

Born in Jerusalem, he's a very gifted lyricist who blends folk, rock, and soul and is not afraid of thinking outside the box a little. 

Along with his Mojos, he showed it through albums like Poor Boy / Lucky Man, for which the themes revolve around a boy who's born with a hole instead of a heart, or Through the Gale, a concept album telling the story of a stubborn captain and his crew on a quest to find immortality. Original stuff, to say the least.

Now, Asaf is going solo, touring around the world with his record Different Pulses. He's stopping at Club Soda on February 24th.

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