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UPCOMING! Reverend Horton Heat + the Brains + Nekromantix at Club Soda


UPCOMING! Reverend Horton Heat + the Brains + Nekromantix at Club Soda  |  Wednesday January 22nd

Merriam-Webster defines it as "music that blends punk rock and rockabilly". 
Another dictionary defines it as "loud frantic rockabilly music." 
About.com defines it as "tak[ing] the traditional countrified rock style known as rockabilly, ramp[ing] up its speed to a sweaty pace, and combin[ing] it with punk rock and imagery lifted from horror films and late-night sci-fi schlock,...[creating a] gritty honky tonk punk rock." 
"While rooted in the twang of rockabilly, it owes just as much to the sound of straight up three-chord punk, often with a dose of thrash metal."

This is what Mr. Wikipedia has to say about the genre that will be celebrated in grand fashion at Club Soda on January 22nd, 2014: psychobilly. Pretty entertaining little collection of definitions, huh? Music evolves in such astonishingly nifty little ways, sometimes, doesn't it?

But, back to the matter at hand: Club Soda, January 22nd. There, on that day, three big bands will grace the stage with their presence. If you are into psychobilly, missing that show is absolutely out of the question. These acts are:

The Brains
This local, three-people strong, Stomp-signed unit tours across the country all the time, probably because its dynamite upbeat psychobilly pieces are capable of pleasing a few souls here and there. And by "a few", I mean f**kloads. And by "here and there", I mean everywhere.

This band is a Danish-American power trio of freaks who sing songs that speak of monsters and horrors. The double-bass player has a custom-made coffin-shaped instrument, with the headstock shaped like a cross. Hell yeah.

Reverend Horton Heat
And then, yes, there is the one who was once called "the godfather of modern rockabilly and psychobilly", the famous Jim Heath. His project has now become well-known enough to be featured in TV commercials and video games. This band's funny, upbeat songs are full of sheer punk-rock energy, they're like a punch of adrenaline to the brain, a gulp of Red Bull right after a shot of espresso. I hear its raucous members offer one hell of a live performance.

There is another psychobilly act, Deke Dickenson, that will also take part in the festivities.
January 22nd. Club Soda.

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