Thursday, 19 December 2013

UPCOMING! The Pixies at Metropolis


UPCOMING! The Pixies at Metropolis  |  Thursday January 16th

Some bands don't really need any presentation blurb, do they?

They are the kind of bands that Kurt Cobain cited as an influence. The kind of bands that, say, are largely credited with the explosion of 90s grungy rock, and with the torrent of acts doing what we used to call "alternative rock". These influential bands are often more popular among music lovers than among music buyers. They deal with heavy themes, but are capable of being light-hearted. That kind of bands may even compell filmmakers to ask, "where is my mind?" in especially epic scenes of their creations.

OK, so I did kind of present the band. Whatever. Go see the Pixies at Metropolis on January 16th. Fidlar is the opener.

P.S. The Pixies released a 4-track EP of brand new material, available for download.

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