Thursday, 12 December 2013

UPCOMING! Lord Huron at Cabaret du Mile-End


UPCOMING! Lord Huron at Cabaret du Mile-End  |  Sunday February 2nd

Because Los Angeles is the bed of such a varied array of musical phenomena, from indie rock prodigies to hip hop masterminds, from nifty-ass punk acts to mind-boggling glitch hop producers, it’s not surprising that folk also finds its place in the heart of its suntanned residents.

Lord Huron is proof of that.

And the least one could say, it’s that Ben Schneider’s project is a very eloquent representative of the genre. Besides being composed of a bunch of childhood buddies, the band is the author of a brand of incredibly soothing folk in which the vocals sound like they were uttered between the marble walls of an old church. In some ways, the whole sounds a little bit like a more rhythmic Fleet Foxes.

Three EPs and an LP later, Lord Huron is doing well enough to appear on the Tonight Show. Not bad at all, one might claim.

Incidentally, they are stopping by Montreal on February 2nd, at Cabaret du Mile-End, to be more specific.

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