Thursday, 5 December 2013

UPCOMING! Jake Bugg at Metropolis


UPCOMING! Jake Bugg at Metropolis  |  Sunday January 12th

Have you heard Bristish baby-faced rocker Jake Bugg’s latest single Slumville Sunrise? How freaking irresistible is it?! If you happen to be a bit of a smart ass, I bet you’re answering that question by another one, say, one that’s along the lines of, “Isn’t most of what Jake Bugg does irresistible?”

You are not wrong.

Sometimes, music is good because of the stellar work of everyone involved in the production process of it. But sometimes, music is just good in a raw way. Beyond the heaviness of the electric guitar riffs, way passed the twists and tweaks thrown in here and there, and light-years away from the sometimes miraculous work performed by mixing and mastering engineers, some music just elevates above the mass because of the sheer greatness of its melodies, its assortment of notes, its funk and punch, its grooves and riffs. Sometimes, music is just incredibly and undeniably catchy and great. I believe it is fair to declare that Jake Bugg’s oeuvre belongs to that group. Indeed, he has proven to be part of that lot of musicians for whom it simply appears to be effortless to come up with great earworms that combine artistic depth and powerful catchiness.

I guess I should not be too surprised, given the fact that the guy cites The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Oasis, Donovan, The Everly Brothers and Jimi Hendrix as influences. British magazine Clash described this man’s abilities as “precocious talent fusing retro folk with blistering contemporary rock riffs”. In a nutshell, that’s about accurate. Bugg’s ear candy songs are sometimes upbeat and groovy, sometimes soft and spacey, they’re full of lyrical gems, they’re filled with cleverness, and they’re absolutely and utterly fun.

After his self-titled debut LP, Bugg is back with the freshly released Shangri La. His tour will stop by Metropolis on January 12th. A promising show, without a doubt.

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