Thursday, 12 December 2013

UPCOMING! Godspeed, You! Black Emperor at Metropolis


UPCOMING! Godspeed, You! Black Emperor at Metropolis  |  January 18th and 19th


I used to work in a call centre with a pretty funny guy. He was a real loudmouth who had sometimes very reasoned, and sometimes very arbitrary opinions about all sorts of things. He would sometimes rant for ages about the lack of skills of a sports anchor, or about the greatness of all music released during the course of the 90s. He kept hammering that Radiohead was nothing but a pack of snob assholes for having stopped to play Creep in their live performances, and he could spend an hour describing a night of mayhem he had in Mexico City, where he goes for about a month every year.

If that guy was enthusiastic about a lot of things, it’s when he spoke to me of his favourite music that he truly beamed. His descriptions of Coltrane were true poetic tributes to the man, his opinion of Nirvana was of Everest proportions, and he considered the Beatles to be music gods.

But it’s when he found out that the members of Godspeed, You! Black Emperor were back together that I saw him at his most excited.

With reason. This Montreal post-rock heavyweight is unique enough to spark such a man’s interest. For instance, between the band’s birth in 1994 (the year it self-released 33 copies of its cassette) and the launch of its debut album in 1997, the group had an ever-changing lineup. “It was like if anyone knew anybody who played an instrument and seemed like an okay person, they would sort of join up,” bandleader Elfrim Menuck once explained a journalist.

After solidifying the lineup following the release of its debut album, the adored odd-sounding rock act they had become kept the adventure going until 2003. At this point, they stopped for what they claimed was a “hiatus” and put out nothing for years. Naturally, everyone assumed that they were done with music.

Then, 2012 came. The band released Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
And won the 2013 Polaris.

No, they weren’t done.

They are playing two dates at Metropolis as 2014 blooms into existence, on January 18th and 19th.

You should go.


Our writer Sean Zumbusch injected knowledge into the modest author of the current preview's brain.

Not mentioning that Neurosis is playing on both of those nights at Metropolis is not a wise thing to do, he warned. I hate to be judgemental, he implied, but... come on man.

I took my chances and listened to Neurosis, as recommended by him. The I got it. I understood. Thus, I stand corrected. Neurosis kicks serious ass, and is worth a mention, to say the least.

This is one of those shows that is likely to leave you wondering who's the headliner. Just to give you an idea of the calibre: not the slightest media ticket is available for either of these show. All paying patrons, indeed. It'll be well packed, ladies and gentlemen.

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