Tuesday, 12 November 2013

UPCOMING! Murray Lightburn + Seoul at Sala Rossa


UPCOMING! Murray Lightburn + Seoul at Sala Rossa  | Wednesday November 20th

Montreal, like most cultural centres I guess, is very fond of elevating its local sensations to legend level. Maybe it’s only an impression, but it does seem to me like Montrealers tend to talk about Arcade Fire, Bran Van 3000, or Kid Koala – just to name a few acts that reached that mystical status – very ecstatically, with a hint of home town pride in the eyes. Admittedly, most of the local heavyweights are plenty worthy of the generous praise they receive, but the puffy-chested defenders of local musicians are nevertheless a fun sight. I’m for sure part of that lot.

When mentioning local legends, it would be hard for any Montrealer to bypass The Dears. This local orchestral pop rock act with a somewhat dark, gloomy edge has received quite a bit of thumbs up from all kinds of places. Now, its frontman Murray Lightburn is doing his thing solo.

It’s a good thing. Very close to his artistic core, it is a blend of synth-filled pop and longing vocals, with very cinematic-sounding high-pitch movements, full of dusty reverb and vaporous tweaks.

The least one could say is that his solo effort keeps him quite busy. After delivering MASS:LIGHT his big, electronic pop opera at POP (a celebrated project that he once described as “overwhelming”), he is going to headline a M for Montreal show alongside local dreampop act Seoul (not to be mistaken for the folk duo airing from T-Dot with the same exact name) and experimental Montreal-born and Toronto-based project Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

Interested? Be at Sala Rossa on November 20th. I’d buy my ticket ahead.

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