Thursday, 21 November 2013

UPCOMING! Lindi Ortega at Quai des Brumes


UPCOMING! Lindi Ortega at Quai des Brumes  |  Friday December 6th

Have you ever heard of Lindi Ortega? Until just now, me neither.

Apparently, that is sort of her trademark. Despite critical acclaim, including two Polaris shorlist nominations, she remained part of what the hipsters would call "the indie scene" for over ten years, which earned her nicknames such as "Toronto's best kept secret" and "Indie Lindi".

She released none less than three EPs and five LPs over the years, and she uses her astonishing vocal talent and tight guitar skills to forge a music that columnists have a lot of trouble labeling (which is ALWAYS a good sign, it my very humble opinion). It's folk, it's country, it's rock, it's jazz. Or it's all of the above, blended in an eloquently unique, stand-on-its-own manner. Whatever it is, it sounds pretty damn great.

It is just last month that she released her fifth LP Tin Star, and yes, she is stopping by our lovely city to salute Montrealers. The show is at Quai des Brumes, on Friday, December 6th.

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