Thursday, 21 November 2013

UPCOMING! Half Moon Run at Metropolis


UPCOMING! Half Moon Run at Metropolis  |  Friday December 6th & 7th

Although they're from B.C. and Ottawa, the members of indie rock act Half Moon Run apparently united in Montreal. And then they took their very well-crafted music all over the map, playing in festivals such as Osheaga, Canadian Music Week, South by Southwest, even the mighty Glastonbury. For their debut LP Dark Eyes, the group even toured in Europe and Australia.

In other words, they're not doing too bad.

That would be because their fine-tuned pop rock is very high-quality. Longing melodies and riffs, on-the-dot and colourful production, exquisitely warm sound are the first things that come to mind when listening to that very composed, very poised band. This is a crew of musicians who are very much in control of their abilities.

If these guys like their ballads, they don't completely shy away from the occasional upbeat song. However, it is truly when they deliver their softer pieces that they shine the brightest. Such songs flow smoothly, they're soothing series of well-chosen notes; minimal means for a surprisingly efficient result. The fans of Karkwa, Arcade Fire, Radiohead are likely to enjoy what they hear from this Montreal-based project.

They will stop by Metropolis on December 6th.

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