Monday, 14 October 2013

UPCOMING! Wintersleep + Fucked Up + Cadence Weapon at S.A.T.

UPCOMING! Wintersleep + Fucked Up + Cadence Weapon at S.A.T.  |  Friday October 25th

I’m a product of Concordia University, and I must say that the institution of which I’m an alumnus deserves a mention when it comes to anything music-related. Midway through my freshman year, I saw a memorable Kid Koala performance in a café. The next year, K-Os and Metric were rocking it out, right on Mackay Street, in the heart of downtown. I remember seeing Talib Kweli and The Stills at yet another event organized by the student council. They even got Snoop Dog to perform a private show at Metropolis one year.

Given Concordia’s great track record, it won’t come as a surprise that its radio station is doing very well, content-wise especially. Lots of great things can be heard on CJLO 1690 AM, which is refreshing considering the overall lack of quality that weighs on Montreal’s radio stations (with the exception of a rare few).

Well, CJLO is now celebrating its 5th year of existence, and they are doing it in style. They gathered three amazing acts to perform at what promises to be one hell of a party:

1) Wintersleep, a band from Nova Scotia who won a Juno in 2008. Their sound oscillates between inspired folky rock and quite complex-sounding indie-rock and involves lots of fuzzy guitars, violin, and ethereal vocals. Sometimes, their oeuvre gets heavy and powerful, thanks to stout drums, thick and rugged bass lines, and distortion-filled guitar riffs. They spice things up with the occasional choir-like sing-along, and do not compromise on lyrics.

2) Fucked Up, a hardcore punk band from Toronto that won the 2009 Polaris Award for its album The Chemistry of Common Life. They sound heavy as hell, they are amazing at building momentum through a slow, lingering progression, only to let things explode in a lightning storm of ultra-fast riffs and raunchy (but on-the-dot) vocals. Anyone who’s a little bit into hardcore Canadian bands know these guys’ epic-sounding punk. They kick serious ass.

3) Cadence Weapon, a rapper from Alberta who was named Edmonton’s Poet Laureate in 2009. He likes to spit on silky smooth beats just as much as he enjoys going nuts on crazy bangers. He’s got quality rhymes and a warm voice, and a little more to say than most rappers.

The best part about this show is the cover charge, a mere 5 bucks. Head to S.A.T. on October 25th, and we assure you that you’ll get way more than what you pay for. Happy birthday CJLO!
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