Tuesday, 8 October 2013

UPCOMING! Toro y Moi at S.A.T.

UPCOMING! Toro y Moi at S.A.T.  | Saturday October 26th

When you think about it, music constitutes a very colourful timeline. You just need to listen to a song very closely to have a rough idea of when it was recorded. Without necessarily being slaves to trends, musicians are undeniably influenced by what they hear in their own epoch, they are inspired by other musicians of their own time. In other words, musicians are also listeners, and what they listen to tends to have some weight in their own creative endeavour.

In that light, I am sure that future generations of musicians will look back at the popular music released in the early 2010s as a festival of synths, beats, and floating vocals. Dreampop, synthpop, indiepop, synth rock are all terms to which we are being accustomed as more and more artists get associated with this aesthetic trend.

As of recently, the term “chillwave” got more popular, thanks to those producers and musicians who choose to lay slow-moving, undulating synths on top of steady fat beats and techno-flavoured sounds, without forgetting to cover the whole in ethereal vocals. Toro y Moi is one of them. If you’re looking for reference points, his sound can be compared to that Washed Out. Nothing surprising in that, as the two have apparently forged a close musical bond over the years.

But Toro y Moi does not seem to be a big fan of following trends. Thus, for his latest record, released early this year, his intentions were to produce something that would sound a little bit like a 90s dance mix, with house influences (see the video for the album's second single below).

Want to see what shape this shift might take in a live setting? October 26th is you chance. He is set to perform at S.A.T. The Sea and Cake are opening for him.
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