Wednesday, 16 October 2013

UPCOMING! My Bloody Valentine at Metropolis

UPCOMING! My Bloody Valentine at Metropolis  | Wednesday November 6th

As the long-time fans surely must know, My Bloody Valentine has been back from its decade-long break since 2007. Five years after their return, the pioneers of shoegaze had put out the two LPs that were originally released under Creation Records back in the day, that is, Isn’t Anything (1988) and Loveless (1991), as well as a compilation of their numerous EPs. They had also toured a whole lot, but had not done much in the way of new original material. Until now.

The band just put out m b v, which is officially its third studio album. It’s only fair that one of the bands that were the instigators of an aesthetic that is so widely popular today returns to do its thing. It can indeed be argued that all that ethereal dreampop we keep hearing nowadays was partly born from late 80s and early 90s bands’ shoegaze efforts.

Thus, if you want your ears filled with distortion-stuffed bass, pitch-bent vocals, high-floating guitar lines, and noise-packed atmospheres, make you way to Metropolis on November 6th. Your needs shall be fulfilled, most probably in grand fashion.

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