Tuesday, 29 October 2013

UPCOMING! James Blake at Metropolis

UPCOMING! James Blake at Metropolis  |  Saturday November 9th

Well, for those who felt blue that James Blake, the most soulful of British boys, had cancelled his last show in Montreal, here is your chance to see him again.

If his last album Overgrown has not caused as much fuss as his previous record, it still seems very fair to affirm that the man still has the touch. His minimal synth-based project laced with his deliciously warm vocals still hits the spot, if you ask this blog's sleep-deprived writers. Blake does not reinvent himself on that new album, but he does not fall in cheap tricks and half-assed work either. He remains the same meticulous musician, the same fine-tuner of ambiances, the same longing lover boy with velvet vocal chords. Plus, he collaborates with a hip hop legend on Take a Fall for Me: Wu-Tang's very own RZA. Not bad, huh?

People tell me that a James Blake show is usually worth one's while. Care to verify that claim? Show up at Metropolis on Saturday, November 9th. Bring your lighter and prepare to sway it in the air.

Both new tickets and old tickets (from the previous cancelled show) will be accepted at the door.

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