Wednesday, 30 October 2013

UPCOMING! Daniel Bélanger at Corona Theatre

UPCOMING! Daniel Bélanger at Corona Theatre  |  Thursday November 21st

I remember sitting in the back of my parents' car, on the way to Québec City, and listening to my mom's CDs. It was the beginning of my love story with music, the spark that ignited it all. My mother being a wordsmith of sorts, she was really into the cleverly written lyrics and poetic images that abounded in chanson française and French-language pop rock. Through her, I discovered some contemporary big names who are still around today: Jean-Pierre Ferland, Beau Dommage, Dan Bigras, Richard Desjardins, Kevin Parent, and a bunch more.

Today, it is mostly with nostalgia that I remember listening to those artists. However, there remains a handful that I still love now, and whose career I still follow with great interest.

Daniel Bélanger is among them.

He is one of the few songwriters in Québec whose lyrical talent is truly best described as straight-up genius. He has ways of saying things, ways of using words that combine eloquence and sobriety, poetry and universality. He is subtle and powerful all at once, and above all beautiful. He is undeniably in Dylan's and Cohen's league.

But there's more. The man is also a musical master. From his pop rock debut, he went into acoustic folk, then back to rock, then onto electronics-heavy pieces. He plays around a lot. He's just that good.

His latest album, Chic de ville, is an exploration of country music and rockabilly aesthetics. It has been told that it was his collaboration on the Les Belles-Soeurs musical, the alter-ego of Michel Tremblay's legendary theatre classic, that sparked his interest for this realm of music.

He is presently on tour to promote this new record, and will stop by Corona Theatre on November 21st. A promising show.

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