Friday, 25 October 2013

umo oct 2013

Unknown Mortal Orchestra + Wolf People  |  Cabaret du Mile-End

                                                           PHOTOS  |  SYLVANA TISHELMAN

Act One

     Wolf People are playing, there are four of them: guitar/lead vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. 

     How cheerful and nostalgic is their pure, unfettered, live rock ‘n’ roll! 

     No computers, no drum machines, no synthesizers; yes to vintage amps (Orange and Fender), electric, retro, rounded, robust Gibson, Stratocaster, skilful and sonorous use of the wammy bar, and tuning during and between songs.

      The drummer begets contemplation of old Black Sabbath. 

     Accented English and loud rock guitars bring about a fleeting, flighty, funny, fuzzy, foggy image of the Druids and Stonehenge from This is Spinal Tap. 

     Plum, perfect, precisely placed production of dynamics.
Act Two

     Unknown Mortal Orchestra pictorially pigment black and white in my mind’s eye.

     Sorely needed alleviated, appeased, mitigated, pacified, placated, soothed cognitive-chatter: my inner dialogue is cocooned in sound while my soul wispily wafts, wanders, drifts, floats, ambles, and meanders itself away to its own land.

     An image of a scene in a book appears later, upon reflection. You’re in your closet, you fall miraculously, accidentally into another world; a world entirely impossible to replicate.

     So many pedals, homemade, all types.

     All of the sudden you are actually swimming low down in the ocean with remarkably cordial sharks. 

     The singing of tales about sorrow, beauty, happiness, fate. 

     Unique and tender musical fragrances that you want again to breathe in, but intrinsically know, that it will never be exactly so. 

     Your ear works more than usual because notes and their spaces are used unconventionally.

     An elf-lady took Ruban into the big rock and gave him a bowl of milk and told him to drink it and when he had, the elf-lady said: be good to little Ruban, because when he grows older, he will sing for the whole world.

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