Monday, 28 October 2013

lou reed dedicate

Lou Reed | 1942-2013


We all sing a sad song today. You, the starry-eyed poet prince of the silver sixties have passed away. Reluctantly, we have come to the end of your Great American novel. Your footsteps resonate against the cold pavement as you leave this world to walk on the other side; wherever that may be. We blow you a kiss and wish you ‘good luck’ as you make your grand exit. The curtains have closed. Silence. The streets of New York City and people around the world become one and let out a collective groan over the sad news: they have lost their beloved Lou.

We thank you for having been here. We thank you for having shared yourself with us. For having been born in Brooklyn and for being the kid who liked ‘doo wop’ and rock and roll. For having taught yourself how to the play guitar simply by listening to the radio. For having loved poetry and for being sensitive. For taking on a musical project called ‘The Velvet Underground’ and running with it. For introducing us to Georgia May, Jimmy Brown, Sweet Jane and the many crazy characters of that beautifully warped silver screen era. Your music has made that era real: the sounds, the colors, the people are all brought back to life when you listen to a Velvet Underground record or some of your solo work. For being honest when expressing yourself and for not quitting when the world wasn’t quite ready for your sound. For tuning the strings on your guitar to the same note. For being different and unique. For being the influence of so many bands that we love and cherish. For having created personal anthems for people around the world and for having created songs that people hold so dear. For being a Transformer.

Here’s to you and your life. As we say farewell to your physical form, your music or your Great American novel remains safe in our hands for the years, decades, and centuries to come. You have taught us to love wildly, to live wildly, and to be true. We thank you for that.
Listen closely to the sounds of the evening tonight and you might hear him. “Doo do doo, doo do doo, doo do doo...”

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