Sunday, 22 September 2013

UPCOMING! The Unsettlers + Bad Uncle

UPCOMING! Bad Uncle + The Unsettlers  |  October 4th and 8th

Musicians are liars. They say they’re done with music, but then they show that resisting the urge to make a shameless comeback is beyond their capacities. K-OS’s album Exit was released four records ago. Jay-Z never did retire. In the same sunny summer a few years back, my dad saw live performances by The Police, Jethro Tull, and Genesis. In brief, you might as well sleep through the press conference during which a given musician claims to have come to “the end of an amazing career.”

Maybe that was the thought that came through your mind when you read the piece that was published on this very blog a few months ago about local gloomy folk act The Unsettlers’ last ever show. Well, it would seem that you might not have been completely wrong.

They are not back together for good, the members of this dark-vibes crew say, which did not keep them from making such a claim about their upcoming October 8th show at Cabaret Lion d’Or:

Well, it seems fate is reuniting us in the grand ole village of Montreal at the beginning of October, and so we would like to take this opportunity to share with you an evening of music and merriment.

Merry, indeed. If this is the Unsettlers’ idea of a farewell is continuing playing a show every now and then whenever they happen to be in the same neck of the woods, I must say that I’m quite pumped about the future.

Moreover, if you want to offer yourself a proper prelude to the Edgar-Allan-Poe-esque vibes of this great band, another fun event is taking place at Cabaret du Mile-End on October 4th. On that faithful night, the Unsettlers’ very own Santosh Lalonde (accordion, vocals), Eli Richards (trombone), and Ram Krishnan (drums) are teaming up with their other buddies to form the most gruesome of dirty folk bands: Bad Uncle.

It gets better. To compliment their spooky fables, the members of the band re-invited their friends from the Blue Mushroom Sirkus Psyshow. ‘What might that entail?’ you ask.

Get this.

A sword swallower and fire-eater. A strong man with a Dali-like moustache. A burlesque puppeteer/dancer. Jugglers. Weirdos. Freaks. Fun freaking times in the Mile-End, in brief. To top things off, one of the DJ and cofounder of Speakeasy Montreal (the crew that organizes that electroswing nights at Sala Rossa) has been offered to spin at the event. Quite the lineup, huh?

So, if you are looking to get your fix of discomforting sounds and frightening stories, if you are looking for the perfect way to begin the month that ends with the creepiest of holidays, if you seek freaks of any kind, make sure you free yourself on October 4th (Bad Uncle Freak Show at Cabaret du Mile-End) and October 8th (The Unsettlers at Lion d’Or).

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