Wednesday, 25 September 2013

UPCOMING! Unknown Mortal Ochestra at Cabaret du Mile-End

UPCOMING! Unknown Mortal Ochestra at Cabaret du Mile-End  | Tuesday October 15th

If you ask the author of the current article, the Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s music is irresistible. It has enough groove to induce head-nodding, enough musical complexity to appeal to the music geeks out there, and enough fuzziness to satisfy one’s need for a bit of dirt in the sound. It is more or less located at the middle point between inspired dreampop and psychedelic rock. Vocals are floating over a mix of crunchy guitar lines and thick, very prominent drums. The whole sounds like a blend of sunshine and tripped out vibes.

This skilled unit of mortals also has a very good resume in terms of music videos. The visual component of their approach appears to be important to them, as demonstrated by the amazing production value and general cleverness of the video material that they put out.

For anyone who would want to find out if these guys can hold their ground live, the band will play live at Cabaret du Mile-End on October 15th. Swing by!

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