Tuesday, 3 September 2013

UPCOMING! Stereophonics at Corona Theatre

UPCOMING! Stereophonics at Corona Theatre  |  Tuesday September 24th

For the longest time, the Stereophonics released an album every two years. But after the 2010 release of Keep Calm and Carry On, the Welsh four-piece broke the habit. It is rumoured that they wanted to take a breather after their contract with Universal finished, in order to start things anew.

In March 2013, the wait came to an end, to the relief of many thirsty fans who have not been accustomed to use very much patience towards their favourite band. Out came Graffiti On the Train, which was well received by both fans and critics.

“How did lead singer Kelly Jones come up with such a title?” one might wonder. The question is worth asking. Apparently, he once caught some kids who he thought were trying to break into his house through the roof. When he spoke to them, the children revealed that they had no interest in stealing anything from him. In fact, they were trying to get to the railway behind his house in order to tag a message on a train. A love message, to be more specific, addressed to a girl that sees the targeted train every morning.

Utterly poetic, is it not?

Jones being Jones, he was inspired by the idea. Unsurprisingly, he wrote a song about it, which ended up being the title track for the record. Et voilà.

What can be expected of this new album? Melodic rock, involving a lot of beautiful piano and guitar chords that are wrapped up in gloomy atmospheric elements. There are also tons of spirited, slightly raspy vocals, which serve Jones’ very well written lyrics wonderfully. Ballads and fast-moving rock pieces find their place on the album, with Jones’ and Jim Lowe’s crisp production making them sound crystal clear. It really is a solid piece of work.

To witness the band in action when they stop in our lovely city, find your way to Corona Theatre on September 24th. It shall be fun!
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