Sunday, 22 September 2013

Upcoming! Streetlight Manifesto at Metropolis

UPCOMING! Streetlight Manifesto at Metropolis  |  Saturday, October 5th

Have you ever seen a singing mosh pit? Spontaneously, one might think it’s a common occurrence. But think about it. Have you?

From my experience, the sight of people cheerfully singing the lyrics along with the band as they are rowdily getting pushed around is a fairly rare one. I tend to witness show goers doing one, or else doing the other. The singing usually rises from the mouths of quiet fans, while moshers usually use their vocal chords exclusively for screaming purposes.

However, this one time, I did witness what it looks like when those two distinct halves fuse to form one cheerful big concept. I was lucky enough to see a singing mosh pit, a moshing choir of happy sing-alongers.

It was at a Streelight Manifesto show.

If I had to guess why it happened during the live performance of this monument of ska-punk, I would probably point at its astonishing lyrics. You would truly miss most of the point if you stopped at these guys’ two-tone-filled, epic-flavoured music (although, that too is pretty damn great). Lead singer Toh Kay’s lyrics are often punchy, often poetic, and always awesome. Here’s an excerpt I literally took at random from any song on their brand new album, The Hands That Thieve.

I still believe in mysteries

And all their lies, in reverie

And though they'll lay my body in the ground

I plan to never settle down
- Streetlight Manifesto, The Littlest Things

Not bad, huh? No wonder the fans of this great band find it hard to resist the urge to contribute a generous amount of drunken back vocals. It is truly not very hard to be inspired by this unit’s words, especially given how prodigiously every instrument that it features is played. Streetlight Manifesto’s cinematic, grandiose brand of punk-rock is wrapped in great amounts of mean horns, and usually provide the perfect vibe for the abovementioned bewildering lyrics.

So, do you want to see a singing mosh pit, or what? Do you want to bask in rowdy punk-rockness? Do you want to sweat one last time before summer is officially out? If so, make your way to Metropolis on October 5th. It might be a bit messy.

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