Friday, 6 September 2013

UPCOMING! Local Natives + Wild Nothing at Metropolis (POP Montreal)

UPCOMING! Local Natives + Wild Nothing at Metropolis (POP) |  Friday September 27th

Jack Tatum is an indie-rocker who likes working alone. The two albums of his project Wild Nothing have entirely been recorded by his own lonesome self. He writes and composes everything, and he plays all the instruments except the drums.

Of course, when it’s time to tour, fellow musicians join him on stage. When The Soupe Kitchen met him at Osheaga this year, he mentioned that he enjoys witnessing how the songs unfold when they are partly played by people other than himself. Not all musicians have the same take on a given part, and to see how every musician chooses to play his parts is often a thrilling and fun experience, he reckons.

Two albums and two EPs later, Wild Nothing has become a known name in the American indie-rock scene. The floating, driven music they play is definitely worth your beer money. It features inspired teamwork between the keys and the guitars, which are pretty much always centre stage, but tweaked in different ways from one song to the next. Looming over the whole are Tatum’s vaporous vocals, and they are likely to make you close your eyes and fill your soul with a deep sentiment of relief. If you enjoy melodic rock, they might very well be a must-see.

Same goes for Local Natives. Their atmospheric indie-rock basks in just the right amount of dreampopness, it’s highly catchy without being cheesy, it’s soothing and satisfying at once. Piano, synths, guitar, luscious bass, all the ingredients are dosed well and sound swell. Moreover, their marvellous music serves as the perfect soundtrack for their beautifully written lyrics.

Thanks to POP Montréal and Blue Skies Turn Black, these two great bands will be in charge of entertaining your brains and ears at Metropolis on September 27th. Being there is truly something we think you should consider.

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