Sunday, 22 September 2013

UPCOMING! The Growlers at Il Motore

UPCOMING! The Growlers at Il Motore  |  Wednesday October 2nd

Other than being awesome bands, what do The Black KeysDr. DogDevendra Banhart, and Julian Casablancas all have in common? 

Each of these exceptional bands has featured The Growlers as guard of a guttural point of entry to some of contemporary music's most anticipated exclamations of sound...

In other words, they've all had The Growlers open for them. It's maybe not the most vital of promotional information and it may not convince you to attend their upcoming performance at Il Motore on October 2nd, but who wouldn't want that on their resume?

Out of the comfort and obscurity of the opening slot, The Growler emerge leaving only their vocals behind. That's typically due to their preference for dampening their lead singer,Brooks Nielsen's vocals with serious reverb. The use of heavy effects over this Californian band's combination of country and surf rock tunes simultaneously provides their music with nostalgic 60's psychedelia and creates a new style which some music aficionados with spare time have come to label as 'Beach Goth'. 

In all fairness, this new genre that has been attributed to The Growlers may have spawned from Beach Goth Party 2012 festival. This music fest, hosted by the throaty quintet featured a slew of neo-psychadellic bands from California. The Growlers headlined each night while promoting a demo cassette that featured songs off their then-upcoming album, Hung At Heart. They titled their demo (you guessed it) Beach Goth. A lesson that typically, when it comes to branding, the rule of thumb is to go big or go home.

This show came to Soupe Kitchens attention by the enthusiasm of a few of the cooks. After some digging, you'll find that this band has catchy material, enjoyable raw music videos, and has clearly caught a Pacific tidal wave that has somehow reached the East coast.

Signed with Burger Records, The Growlers are promoting Hung At Heart with label mates Cosmonaut, Together Pangea, and Gap Dream on a tour titled "Burgerama: Caravan of Stars 2013." They'll be stopping by Montreal in between their respective shows in Boston and Toronto.


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