Wednesday, 4 September 2013

UPCOMING! Chelsea Light Moving at Cabaret du Mile-End

UPCOMING! Chelsea Light Moving at Cabaret du Mile-End  |  Monday, September 16th

Those of you who are into the habit of reading the previews we post might remember that we at The Soupe Kitchen enjoy taking a good hard look at the way bands choose to label the music they make. Often, it says more about the tongue-in-cheekness of the band members than their talents for analysis, but hey: that’s part of the fun! The latest laugh that we had was over the way New York-based band Chelsea Light Moving qualifies its edgy brand of punk-flavoured rock:
"Burroughs rock".

As in “William S. Burroughs” rock. The four-piece plays an experimental kind of rock, with lots of frenetic, tense moments, and enough heaviness to satisfy the hardcore heads out there. The lyrics (sometimes sung, sometimes spoken) draw references to an array of writers (including, of course, some Beat generation ones), avant-garde artists, counter culture, as well as the Big Apple. It really does not song like many things I have heard before. It’s youthful and careless, yet skilful and badass. It is groovy in parts, but never nearly enough to become cheesy. It’s grungy as hell.

Oh yeah. Maybe it’s because one of the founding members is Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. Maybe.

All of the band’s oeuvre is for now contained on their eponymous album, released last March on Matador Records. Right now, the band is touring the world to promote such an opus. They shall stop at Montreal’s very own Cabaret du Mile-End of September 16th. Don’t miss it!

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