Friday, 27 September 2013

review: New apple taste

New Apple Taste  |  La Sala Rossa 


Last Thursday, Hot Soupe asked me last minute if I wanted to go and review local band New Apple Taste’s show at Sala Rossa, in celebration of the launch of their second album, “Abuseum.” As a general champion of all things free, I agreed.

We arrived a little past 9PM—a whole hour and something after the show was scheduled to begin. Expectations were low; primarily because outside it was cold and wet, but also because after listening to a few of their songs online, it was clear that their music was hard to classify. At this point in time, I didn’t quite get it. The openers were still on at the time of arrival. This duo of fellas quite frankly put the crowd to sleep. The stage was littered with instruments—drum set, guitars, a sax, a synth, a fucking bassoon—yet two crusty dudes that clearly were not briefed on the importance of setting the mood, stood perched 90 degrees over a mixing table for over an hour mixing bass-y, trance-y sounds, and standing upright every now and then, presumably to keep the audience interested in what they’d come up with next. But people started to sit down on the floor. Three cigarette breaks later, and New Apple Taste still hadn’t come on. 

Finally, I cracked and went to chat with the ticket girl to see what was up with the crowd. It was a mix of skaters with what one West Coaster recently described to me as “girks”—i.e., girls that lurk at skate parks—and a big group of adults. Grown men and women, what I then learned were mainly relatives of New Apple Taste that came to support their kin. Somehow, the show started. 

Eight people filled the stage: seven boys, one girl—six musicians and two MCs. Instantly, everyone that had prior to that moment been sitting to the sleep-inducing trances of the opening act, leapt to their feet and was cheering like mad. The vibe in the room had transformed in a matter of seconds, but I didn’t really get it yet. The band thanked the crowd for the turnout to the crowd’s antsy clamor; then the music began, loud. 

The performance was pretty spectacular: Eight people on the Sala Rossa stage jamming out with chords and large instruments is a pretty chaotic sight. Their set opened with a couple of minutes of dynamic free jazz. It was surprising, but at the same time intoxicating to see how enthusiastically New Apple Taste’s performance was already going. Two MCs grabbed the mics and started to rap over a fast-paced tempo à la Busta Rhymes. It was confusing to those who aren’t really familiar with the group, especially considering that the atmosphere of the night was really taken in the opposite direction with the opening act. The rest of their pieces inspired influences that ranged not only from hip hop and jazz—a favorite of which was the single, “Look at those skinny legs,” but also tinged with some electro beats, like in “Bloody Sizzurp.” These cats took a few experimental turns in their music as well, with some tracks that stood out most being, “Don’t you overcry,” and “Hoy Doy.”

La Sala Rossa hosted that night a big band of musicians that really looked like they were having the time of their lives, but they didn’t seem to be the start of “the next big thing.” Despite all, New Apple Taste’s music is definitely worth at least a bandcamp playlist search. Their new album is available for sale for just ten dollars on their page. Otherwise, those cats got a lot of zest and put on an amazing local act, so see it live. 

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