Wednesday, 14 August 2013

UPCOMING! Seb Black + Guests at Divan Orange

UPCOMING! Seb Black + Guests  at Divan Orange  |  Saturday August 24th

Divan Orange is doing very well these days. It has come to a point where pretty much the entirety of the bands and artists that are booked there night after night are definitely worth a lengthy visit. Take the show that is coming up on August 24th, for instance. It features local musician Seb Black, whose bio reads:

“Seb Black is a Montreal based Singer/Songwriter and self taught multi-Instrumentalist. Inspired by his marginal youth and cynical outlook upon society, Seb creates an eclectic and twisted hybrid of a makeshift folk rock orchestra topped with a vocal performance that demands your attention. He has been compared to artists such as Rancid's Tim Armstrong , Social Distortion's Mike Ness , Elvis Costello and Tom Waits.”

His music is badass, yet catchy; groovy, yet dirty. It has punch, it has depth, and it is hard to label. Hear it for yourself by taking a look at his bandcamp page.

On August 24th, he will team up on stage with dirty folk act Les Tavarneux and bluesy country singer-songwriter Eddie Paul.

Don’t miss it!
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