Monday, 26 August 2013

UPCOMING! Pinback + Deathfix at Cabaret du Mile-End

UPCOMING! Pinback + Deathfix at Cabaret du Mile-End  |  Sunday September 8th

San Diego-based band Pinback’s lineup has changed a lot throughout its 5-album long career, but Armistead Burwell Smith IV’s and Rob Crow’s project is still going strong. Anyone who would doubt that should give the band’s last record, titled Information Retrieved, a long and hard listen. It is truly stellar stuff.

Some would call their music indie-rock, some would say it is progressive rock. Both are not false, since they make melodic, somewhat ambient rock songs, with the clear intention to take the listener from point A to point B as their pieces unfold. Moreover, with their 15-year experience, they sure know how to produce a good record, and so every drum hit, every guitar strum, every syllable uttered sound like a ton of bricks on that last album. It’s sophisticated, yet accessible; it is atmospheric, yet clearly rock.

The band is currently touring with Fugazi’s drummer Brendon Canty’s latest project Deathfix. The latter is a very skilled unit of veterans who play a very full-bodied, very to-the-point brand of rock and roll, with loads of fuzzy guitars and smoky vocals.

The two groups will play alongside each other at Cabaret du Mile-End on September 8th. It shall be merry.
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