Wednesday, 14 August 2013

UPCOMING! Mudoney at Il Motore

UPCOMING! Mudoney at Il Motore  |  Sunday September 1st

While Nirvana is, and will most probably always remain the band people think about when the word “grunge” is dropped in a conversation, let us remember that the trio was only one of several bands whose music was associated with the “The Seattle Sound”. Other acts were part of Sub Pop Records’ big media blitz of the late 80s, including the legendary Mudhoney.

Well, guess what. The Mudhoney guys are not done doing their thing. Eight albums later, these old-timers are back on tour to promote their ninth studio record, titled Vanishing Point. There has been a few shifts in the band’s lineup, their sound has evolved a little bit, but, much like signing with a major label in 1991 did not change their aesthetic very much, it seems that making a comeback did not lead them to alter their grungy sound either. This new record might as well have come out in the mid-90s, for it retains most of the elements that made the Seattle Sound so popular: disillusioned lyrics, crunchy guitar solos, distortion-filled bass, frenetic drumming, dry vocals, and all that. It oscillates between alternative rock and punk rock effortlessly, with the kind of self-righteous poise that only experienced rockers tend to display.

Mudhoney will grace the stage of Il Motore on September 1st. Grunge heads be warned.
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