Tuesday, 27 August 2013

UPCOMING! Lightning Dust at Il Motore

UPCOMING! Lightning Dust at Il Motore  |  Thursday September 12

Vancouver-dwelling hard rock band Black Mountain’s members Amber Webber and Joshua Wells decided they needed another project to fulfill an unquenched thirst for something else. Thus, they founded Lightning Dust.

In interviews, Webber said that this new endeavour allowed her to “explore her goth side,” while Wells confided that it made it possible for him to produce “something that [is] sparse and minimal, with a lot of space around it.”

The result? A synth-based brand of mellow indie-rock that features floating vocals infused with lots of reverb, some gentle guitar strumming, and casual hints of stunning piano playing. It is lyrically poised and utterly peaceful. It is lovely.

How lovely? Find out. They will be at Il Motore on September 12th.
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