Thursday, 29 August 2013

UPCOMING! Grails + Lilacs & Champagne + Wreckmeister Harmonies at Il Motore

UPCOMING! Grails + Lilacs & Champagne + Wreckmeister Harmonies at Il Motore  |  Tuesday September 17th

Sometimes, attending a show is about dancing your ass off. Sometimes, the main course is moshing around in a rowdy pit. Hell, I went to see some shows just to be able to nod my head to a beat.

But sometimes, one gets the urge to attend a live musical performance just to listen, to stand there, eyes closed and ears wide open, and absorb the songs wholly and completely as they unfold in the cosiness of a dark venue.

If you happen to feel that urge, chances are it will be quenched if you swing by Il Motore on September 17th. Indeed, three different projects will take the stage on that faithful night, all of which are exactly what a music geek could hope for.

First on the list is Japanese post-rock project Wreckmeister Harmonies. I am not sure of how many people are involved in it, but the music associated with the name is a cinematic sort of progressive rock, a slow-moving, very unsettling brand of atmospheric music that could be the soundtrack of any dark epic tale. In parts, it involves lots of distortion-filled guitar riffs laid on top of fuzzy, solo-like ones. In others, only a few hits of strange-sounding percussions break the silence. It promises to be interesting in a live context.

Then, drummer Emil Amos and guitarist Alex Hall will present both of the projects of which they are part. The first one is Grails (they also are the producers behind it), a full band whose music is yet another cinematic brand of gloomy prog rock. It is influenced by an array of musical traditions, and features an impressive palette of sounds. It is infused with a distinct heaviness, it features driving, punchy chords as well as melodic, catchy ones. It’s all over the place, as it is rooted in both rock and traditional music, but is also so progressive that it should be consumed like a film.

The other project of that duo that will grace the stage is called Lilacs & Champagne. It could be described as Amos’ and Hall’s sampling endeavour. It is mellower in vibe than Grails, and jut plain seems to fulfill a different need for these two creative minds. Just read that excerpt from a bio a found on the website of a vinyl retailer to get an idea of what I mean:
The record began under the influence of Madlib’s production style….which had suggested that writing songs using an Akai MPC sampler would force the two to stretch their legs and explode any expectations created by records they’ve made in the past. But rather than sampling the funk and soul canon of traditional hip hop, they pulled from disparate sources such as Polish private press hippie records, indistinguishable radio noise or the chopped and reversed sounds of Jayne Mansfield’s head being decapitated. Layers of instruments and found sound were then painted over the original samples until entirely new directions were created and taken to their logical conclusion… creating something simultaneously alien and familiar… something like the sound of Nurse with Wound collaborating with J-Dilla.

Intriguing, is it not? Il Motore, September 17th. Go fill your urge to absorb epic-flavoured music!



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