Monday, 26 August 2013

UPCOMING! Chet Faker at Club Lambi

UPCOMING! Chet Faker at Club Lambi  |  Thursday September 12th

“He’s like an Australian version of Beck, with a bit of a modern electro touch. And with a beard.” That is the answer a friend of mine gave me when I asked who was Chet Faker. Predictably, such a comment sparked my interest. After looking into it, I have to say the comparison is not off the mark, for several reasons.

First and foremost, like Beck, Faker has been graced with thick vocal chords, ones that are capable of giving birth to the warmest, the smoothest voice. Second of all, he likes to mix guitars and keys with synths and electronic drums, which renders his oeuvre a hybrid form of mellow rock. Third, he too enjoys experimenting with a little hip hop, as his incredible cover of Blackstreet’s No Diggity proves it.

However, do not be fooled. This man’s music is its own animal: it contains less lyrics, it focuses a lot more on progression and less on the verse-chorus-verse formula, and it is somewhat experimental in nature. It is, in fact, unique enough for the gentleman to have won an Australian Independent Records Award with his debut EP Thinking in Textures.

Want to know more? He is going to be at Club Lambi on September 12th. Be there!

Chet Faker - (Cover of Blackstreet's) No Diggity
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