Friday, 23 August 2013

Osheaga | Sennheizer Green Stage

Sennheiser Green Stage  |  Osheaga 2013

                                        PHOTOS  |  JESSE CREATCHMAN + JESS SVOBODA

From the hustle and bustle of the media pits to the live interviews backstage of the Scene Verte, from the work and play at the Sennheiser tent to the sound and light shows, that elevated performances leading to wide-eyed crowd reactions, there was an undeniable synergy resonating from Sennheiser Green Stage and Hot Soupe was on-site to catch it all for you.

To kick things off, a pre-Osheaga soiree was hosted by Sennheiser on the Thursday night preceding the festival. Taking place on the vacant grounds facing the Green Stage, the social gala gave plenty of industry folk a chance to shake some hands, share a few laughs and chow down on barbecued brie hamburgers. Of course, it wouldn't be a party without a live band, and thus slated on the bill was Sherlock

Sherlock performed several covers of classic rock songs by bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Doors. They also mixed in some stand-out original tunes in both the french and english languages. During the warm and dry season, Sherlock is a full-time busking band equipped with a portable p.a. system and lightweight gear that provide an impressive sound for such a compact and on-the-go setup.

As the festival kicked into high gear, most of the folk from Thursday night's party worked on-site at the Green Stage while others hung out at the Sennheiser tent. Familiar faces worked as hosts and security, others as soundmen and stage hands. The videography team ran tirelessly from the tent's media centre to backstage of the Scene Verte, conducting live interviews, and then returning to edit and upload the footage directly to Sennheiser's media site, Soundwall. And every so often Sennheiser president, Jean Langlais, would grace us all as he rode in on his scooter.

Here are some shots of those working and enjoying  Osheaga.

Members of various rights organizations such as SOCAN, artist reps, record labels, producers, studio engineers, media reps, the many Sennheiser-sponsored artists, and of course, the performing bands were all present at #Osheaga2013 and everyone passed through the Sennheiser tent for laughs, drinks, and a chill view of the Green Stage.

Hot Soupe's #Osheaga2013 team was comprised of Sylvana Tishelman, Antoine Leclerc and Jesse Creatchman, and Jess Svoboda. Along with photographing, reviewing and interviewing the bands, Hot Soupe was there to keep everyone up to date with what was happening around the grounds  via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

 Backstage passes to the Green Stage and media pit access allowed us a unique view of Osheaga, and to take incredible shots of the bands, stage technicians and all the trigger-happy photographers in the media pit.

The end.

Special Thanks to @SennheiserCan for allowing #Hot_Soupe to be apart of the team for the Osheaga experience.

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