Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Upcoming! Wild Cub at Divan Orange, August 7th

UPCOMING! Wild Cub at Divan Orange  |  Wednesday August 7th

Has anyone noticed that Evenko & Greenland have been booking shows at Divan Orange lately? It hasn't been a trend of theirs until recently, but if look over the event listings at EVENKO,  you'll  find an event page for New York recording artist Jay Brannan, who recently performed at Divan Orange this July. If you scroll down to shows that Evenko is promoting in the month of August, you'll find punk bands like Continetal, EAST END RADICALS and The Motorleague performing at Divan Orange next Monday the 5th, two days after Osheaga. You'll also find an event page for the California rock band, Crash Kings who will be rocking the orange couch on August 18th. 

Mountain Man - Crash Kings

Now, sandwiched between Backstreet Boys at the Bell on the 6th and Heavy MTL on the 9th is a new band with an interesting sound. The group is Wild Cub and they will be performing at, (you guessed it!) Divan Orange.

According to their biography at WILD CUB MUSIC, their debut LP, Youth (August 2012), "showcases the now five-piece band’s dexterity in seamless transitions between infectious electro-pop, tropical rhythms, and quiet washes of cinematic reflection."

They've got somewhat of a "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" thing going on.

With flares of sunshine, catchy tunes, great presentation and the attention of heavyweight promoters such as Evenko, Wild Cub is all to likely a name that will bind itself to familiarity in festival lineups next summer. For now, you have a chance to catch them low-key in a cozy barroom.

Thunder Clatter - Wild Cub

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