Tuesday, 16 July 2013

UPCOMING! Smith Westerns at Cabaret du Mile-End


UPCOMING! Smith Westerns at Il Motore  |  Sunday July 28th

On their last record, the music from Chicago-based act the Smith Westerns' just seems to fit the summer. If they always were the joyful deliverers of a somewhat atmospheric and thoroughly sun-filled pop rock, they now lean towards a floating, ethereal aesthetic more than ever before. On said last record, they play that kind of airy, spaced out dreampop that involves a tasteful use of tweaked synths and reverby guitars, as well as a very solid rhythm section. It sounds like dust flying off the furniture in a room surrounded by windows and filled with sunshine. It sounds like letting the sand run off your hand on an empty beach. It sounds appeasing and soothing, but do not get fooled by the musical light-heartedness they display, because their lyrics do not lack their share of complexity. They speak of various human themes, always with just the right amount of ambiguousness and never without a touch of subtle poetry.

Doesn’t sound bad, huh?

While you wait for Soft Will to come out, go check them out at Il Motore on July 28th. Wampire will be opening.

 Smith Westerns - Idol
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