Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UPCOMING! Pokey Lafarge at Petit Campus

UPCOMING! Pokey Lafarge at Petit Campus  |  Wednesday July 24th

Pokey Lafarge is old school. With youthful nonchalance, he plays the guitar and the harmonica, sings tales about love, whiskey, or the Devil, all that with an irresistible 50s rockabilly vibe and a twangy, malicious voice. It’s folk, sometimes with a dash of bluegrass, it full of melodious greatness, it features violin, upright bass, and heaps of fun.

One thing is sure: it is truly refreshing that a young dynamic man such as this one is so comfortable writing and composing original material that dwells in that folky rockabilly ballpark. Cover bands are fun and all, but this man is capable of lending his own creative voice to that very classic stylistic realm, and it honestly feels great to witness and hear what the fruit of such a process is.

For those who would be tempted to hear the man and his band, being at Petit Campus on July 24th is the thing to do.

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