Tuesday, 23 July 2013


UPCOMING! PASSOVAH Music Festival  |  August 9th to 11th

The Montreal summer’s very short length is at once a blessing and a curse. It is a curse for the obvious reasons: everyone would like to get some more of that warm weather goodness (although, these days, I surprise myself in doubting that). And, of course, it’s a curse because every promoting company, every event organizer chooses the summer to throw musical happenings of all kinds. The result is a beautiful problem:

There are simply too many things to do.

Thus, when Passovah Festival’s birth came about last summer, not many people were surprised to see a new music fest grace Montreal with its presence. However, do not be fooled: quantity does not always entail that quality is not there. Case in point, this year again, Passovah has a solid lineup of up-and-coming bands. They range from Lil’ Andy traditional country music to Saxsyndrum’s rhythmic electrojazz, from Caroline Keating’s soft-sounding indiepop to Cinema l’Amour’s glitchy loop-based rock.

We suggest you spend a little while scouring through the festival’s well-designed website and find your own gems. It might give you (more!) ideas of things to do this summer.

The festival goes on between Friday, August 9th and Sunday, August 11th, at two venues: 185 Van Horne and Il Motore.

Have fun, and happy discoveries!
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