Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UPCOMING! Loose Pistons + Genital Hospital + Leamers at Café Cléopâtre

UPCOMING! Loose Pistons + Genital Hospital + Leamers at Café Cléopâtre  |  Friday July 19th

The day is unpleasantly warm and sticky when I browse to Loose Pistons’ bandcamp page to listen to their self-titled EP. I got my fan going full blast, the flies are mindlessly spiralling around the room, and the ice cubes in my glass of water melt at a phenomenal pace.

Luckily, I forget about how sweaty just sitting there makes me, and instead start to embrace the heaviness of the atmosphere. “How do you achieve that?” one might ask.

All you need is the proper soundtrack.

The opening song of the EP, the upbeat as hell Can’t Stand Still, constitutes just that for that intensely hot day. As the four-track album unfolds, this impression gets increasingly strong. It becomes undeniable: the vibe of the music fits that of the day flawlessly. Melodic, blues-infused rock and roll, with the dirt of Californian street punk and the crackly EQing from grunge and old Southern U.S.A. blues. It is at once driving, gritty, in-your-face, and messy, it powers through with a remarkably arrogant sense of purpose. It sounds like burning asphalt under your naked feet, or like the damp middle of the mosh pit in an overly packed summer punk show. It sounds like Montreal on a hot, cloudless July afternoon, as a matter of fact.

Five bucks later, I downloaded the EP. Worth every penny.

I’m putting their upcoming July 19th show at Café Cléopâtre (yes, the strip joint; classic Zoofest), along with Genital Hospital and the Leamers on my agenda. Maybe you should too.

Can't Stand Still, by Loose Pistons

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