Monday, 8 July 2013

UPCOMING! Julia Holter + Jessica Pratt at La Sala Rossa Tuesday July 18th

UPCOMING! Julia Holter + Jessica Pratt at La Sala Rossa  |  Tuesday July 18th

According to La Sala Rossa's promotional webpage for her upcoming show, Julia Holter's music is electronic music. It doesn't take six months working at Hot Soupe to teach that "Electronic" is obviously a pregnant subject, and it may serve you to know that Julia Holter is a subject all her own. 

According to her Wikipedia bio, Julia Holter is an American Singer, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Singer Songwriter is another term with perhaps folk connotations that don't necessarily apply to Holter. She holds a graduate degree from California Institute of The Arts (CALART) and when it comes to arrangements and instrumentation, Julia is a minimalist. This approach generally lends a certain vacancy to her songs. They tend to comprise of melody and harmony sung over a cadenza, in which standard rhythmic instruments such as bass and drums are left forgotten.

This is not your everyday artist. Her performance is bound to intrigue. Have a listen to the religious experience that is "Finale", commencing as bare bone vocal whisper to a lonely organ. See where it goes. She displays tact for rise and swell. It's a unique cinematic song that should be listened to in full.

"Finale" |  Julia Holter
  Film  |  Rick Bahto 

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