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UPCOMING! Jeffrey Piton at La Sala RossaTuesday July 18th

UPCOMING! Jeffrey Piton at La Sala Rossa  | Thursday July 18th


This beautiful voice is from Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. While looking over shows to cover in July, one cook said it best. Why doesn't everybody know this guy?

Well, if you haven't heard of him yet, a little online digging will prove that in Quebec, he's more popular than you might expect, and coming to a town near you Montrealers!

With listenability, due to with soft curvy melodies and warm productions, this folk pop auteur-comppsiteur has been gathering a local following and gabbing the attention of the entertainment industry. 

Following a game-changing performance, opening up for Dumas, he released his debut EP in 2011. "We All Heal Over Time", the album's title track, was featured in the finals of the national radio contest, Virgin Mobile's Canadian Radio Star. 

Following the EP release, he toured Quebec regularly, and in 2012 he opened up for Pascal Picard.

After auditioning for the first season of La Voix in Quebec in early 2013, he was chosen by Marie-Mai to join her team. Thankfully, he stayed on the show for a few weeks and didn't win. 

Last November he released a follow-up EP, A Fire. While preparing his debut LP with The New Cities and Simple Plan producer Luc Tellier, this summer he'll be touring Quebec,

He's hitting Montreal the Thursday after next. La Sala Rossa. Head over and hear what all the fuss is about.

Jeffrey Piton  |  We All Heal Over Time

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