Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UPCOMING! Continental Train Wreck at Casa Del Popolo Tuesday July 18th

UPCOMING! Continental Train Wreck at Casa Del Popolo  |  Thursday July 18th

Local act Continental Train Wreck’s music is spacey enough to please fans of the psychedelic, spirited enough to appease the seekers of garage-flavoured rock, and subtle enough to tickle the listeners who enjoy nuances and details. It sounds like thoughts floating in the smoky light-filled sky and bumping into each other from time to time. 

If this duo quite obviously draws influences from synth-based rock, they also texture their sound with a healthy amount of effects, and rely heavily on loops and lingering progression to elaborate their pieces. I bet if you look in both band members Dan and Nick Philippi’s music collection, you’ll find Depeche Mode and Grateful Dead albums, as well as a bunch of house and techno records. Just a feeling.

If such a description appears intriguing to your music lover’s eyes, do not miss your chance to experience what these two gentlemen offer in a live context. They shall be at Casa del Popolo on July 18th.

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