Tuesday, 9 July 2013

UPCOMING! Basia Bulat at Sala Rossa Tuesday July 18th

UPCOMING! Basia Bulat at ARTV Studio  |  Thursday July 18th

“One good thing about music: when it hits, you feel no pain,” said Bob Marley. I would agree, to some extent. Take the ever-occurring birth of new genres, for instance. Sure, some new, hard-hitting creative directions are chosen by avant-garde artists who blow conventions out of the water and shatter our already blurry idea of what constitutes “the rough edge”. However, these new genres do not painfully replace the old ones, much like TV did not replace radio, and iPads have yet to replace books. Rather, these new creative initiatives are just added to the pile. Thus. the dinosaurs remain, and some young blood is pumped in those aging veins, which makes the heart of these veteran styles beat as hard as ever.

Take traditional folk, for instance. Sure, we all know the grand classics, sung by the grand legends that come from every corner of the planet. Knowing them, we are also aware that these legends left a whole legacy of inspiration behind, thus sparking the creative fire of hordes of eager listeners, some of whom became eager musicians. Some of them do well, and are considered the rightful children of the giants that came before them.

But some others shine with a new, unique light, no matter how mature the genre to which they devote themselves is. Some give a new twist to the existing ingredients, and make the recipe delightfully surprising. Some play the Autoharp, and angelically sing a series of well-picked words to their own enchanting melodies, while not sounding a bit unoriginal. In brief, some, very few, are like Basia Bulat. The two-LPs-strong (both of which are signed on Rough Trade), Polaris-nominated young lady plays an array of string instruments, and her beautifully written lyrics are likely to stir something in you.

She is going to take the stage at ARTV Studio on July 18th. Not missing it might constitute a wise call.

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