Monday, 1 July 2013

Upcoming! Ol' Savannah Friday July 12


UPCOMING! Ol' Savannah at Quai Des Brumes  |  Friday July 12th

While painting The Plateau red with Bandstand posters in May, this writer, standing outside of L'Echange with a handful of new listening material (it's tough to get any work done on Record Store Avenue), glanced across Mont-Royal street to further distraction witnessing for the first time Ol' Savanna doing their thing. The lesson learned: best to get work done at the office, son.

I crossed the road.

Hey, you would have too! They had one of those makeshift bass instruments, made from a bucket, mop and string. A percussionist stepping and smacking sticks and spoons at tin can lamp posts. And then there was Rockin'-Chair Speedy Johnson, swaying along and singing his tunes. The three piece was raw, muddy and authentic. I saw them striking a chord with the French-Canadian folk scene in including post-folk movement that is ever so prevalent ici à Montreal.

You know, that may not even have been Ol' Savannah, but I certainly regonized Speedy, one of the founders of the group in the music video below. 

Ol' Savannah performing their song "Death On A Mountain". 
It is directed by local film director, Rail City Media's Adam Reider.

You can catch them the Friday after next, July 12th at Quai Des Brumes. 

Here is the event linkSee you at the show.

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