Thursday, 6 June 2013

UPCOMING! Trails and Ways at Divan Orange

UPCOMING! Trails and Ways at Divan Orange | Wednesday June 19th


“They call it bossonova dream pop,” reads the one-line bio on Trails and Ways Soundcloud page. That description could not be more accurate. This band’s music feels like a perfect day at the beach, but one during which you chat about important things with your buddies while drinking light Mexican beer. The synths are floating in blinding sunlight, the non-language-bound lyrics are sung in ethereal tweaked-out voices, the drum patterns are very South-of-the-Ecuador in nature… it’s just plain fun sunshine pop.

And then, there’s that poetic video for their song Nunca showcasing how much fun the streets and beaches can be. Which is a lot, of course.


Like it? Then you should head to Divan Orange on June 19th. It shall be dreamy, poppy, and sunny.

In the meantime, a goodie: a free download of their song Como Te Vas. Enjoy!
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