Tuesday, 4 June 2013

UPCOMING! Sweet Mother Logic + Lackofsleep + Emilie & Ogden at Divan Orange (FRINGE)

UPCOMING! Sweet Mother Logic + Lackofsleep + Emilie & Ogden at Divan Orange (FRINGE) | Friday June 7th

Looking for some pointers for this year’s Fringe Fest? The Soupe Kitchen might have an idea for you. On June 7th, go hang out at Divan Orange. Why? Well…

First of all, the dudes from Misteur Valaire will be bartending between 5 and 8. I’m not kidding, it’s part of a Divan Orange initiative that has begun at the beginning of last month: getting musicians and people from the music industry behind the bar, so customers can chat with them and perhaps have a few shots with them.

If you linger there long enough, there is much more fun to be had. Indeed, three great bands will take the stage. Here are some words that come from their bios, which might give you an idea of what to expect:

Sweet Mother Logic
“Sweet Mother Logic is an innovative, genre-bending, instrumental free-for-all, colliding a rocket-powered string duet with vintage keyboards and guitar over jagged drums to produce what the Montreal Mirror described as ‘tightly wound with vigorous energy and engaging, original melodies’ with ‘a penchant for wordless tale-telling’.”

Emilie & Ogden

“Emilie & Ogden is not your typical duet but rather an encounter between a singer and a harp. Emilie’s particular voice has often been described as pure and soft, resonating in perfect harmony with the harp.”

“Réunis par un désir commun d’embrasser un indie-rock aux teintes électro susceptible de soulever les foules, les membres de Lackofsleep s’engagent dans un régime immodéré de répétitions et de concerts.”

You can buy tickets at the fine locations listed below, or online.

Divan Orange | 4234 St. Laurent
Cheap Thrills | 2044 Metcalfe
Atom Heart | 364 Sherbrooke E.
L’Oblique | 4333 Rivard

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