Thursday, 6 June 2013

UPCOMING! Motel Raphäel + Oh My Darling at Divan Orange (FRINGE)

UPCOMING! Motel Raphäel + Oh My Darling at Divan Orange (FRINGE) | Friday June 14th

As Fringe keeps going, The Soupe Kitchen has yet another show to recommend, at Divan Orange once more. This time, it features two bands: Motel Raphaël and Oh My Darling. The former roams in the folky, indie pop realm of things, the latter in the wide golden fields of Manitoba-based traditional folk. If you decide to make this event your Fringe destination on Friday, June 14th, here’s a little overview of what you shall witness.

Motel Raphaël
It is hard not to be charmed by the light-hearted lyrics, soothing harmonies, and tight little guitar or ukulele riffs of this indie unit. Moreover, they spice up everything with shakers and tambourines, as well as throw a bit of trumpet and vibraphone in their very tasty recipe. If you’re looking for good local pop, look no further.

Oh My Darling
Four ladies, four string instruments, all working hard to provide some very well-crafted bluegrass-leaning folk. This Winnipeg crew is sure to either stir your soul, or move your feet, in English or French, with glee or melancholy. Lyrically very eloquent, vocally astonishing, and musically beautiful, this four-piece delivers the goods. If you are a traditional folk fan (or not, as a matter of fact), you should not miss this. 

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