Thursday, 23 May 2013

UPCOMING! Ultra Mega + Grand Chevy

UPCOMING! Ultra Mega + Grand Chevy | Tuesday, May 29th

Over the years, Winnipeg has offered a very eloquent contribution to the music world. One may remember smooth soul vocalist Remy Shand, who also happened to play very single instrument on his debut album. Of course, one might also think of Win-City as the home of the Weakerthans, the well-known folk-rock act that graced our ears with astonishing lyrics. Well, it looks like this middle-of-the-country city is not done providing. Indeed, Ultra Mega, another folk-rock act airing from there, is gaining momentum. They describe themselves as such:

“Much like their rural metropolis of Winnipeg, Ultra Mega shuffles on the crossroads of country and town, the horseman proud and mounted but disgraced by the fleeting conquests of the city. With delicate psychedelia, dreamy pop, and calm, cool lyricism, let Ultra Mega chaperone you through the glories, romances and defeats of the bittersweet knight. Get swooned!”

If getting swooned appears to be a good idea for you, then make your way to the Casa del Popolo on May 29th (although we'd prefer if you went to Bandstand!). They will be supported by local band Grand Chevy (whose members include Notre Dame de Grass’s Joe Grass).

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