Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UPCOMING! (Sonic Youth's) Lee Ranaldo at Sala Rossa

  UPCOMING! (Sonic Youth's) Lee Ranaldo at Sala Rossa | June 6th


You might know Lee Ranaldo because of he’s one of the core members of legendary (and recently split-up) act Sonic Youth. You might also know him because of his genius work within the Glacial project. Hell, you might very well have heard of him as a solo artist primarily. It does not matter much, really, because if you heard him, in whatever context and as part as whatever project, you know he’s the real deal. You’re aware that he’s a man who chose his vocation well, an individual who gives birth to eloquence in a pinch if you just happen to put a guitar in his very capable hands. Rolling Stone magazine, who put it at number 33 of its top 100 greatest guitarists of all time, sure seems to think so.

Whether it is with experimental rock pieces, deep acoustic rock songs, or intelligent ballads, you just know Lee will not disappoint you. Whether it is out of nostalgia for the golden days of Sonic Youth, or out of curiosity for the newest leanings of this hyper skilled musician, you must be enthusiastically eager to hear what Lee has in store. You must be looking forward to listen to his music with sheer glee flowing through your veins.

Most importantly, if you know him, if you’ve heard his music, then you will probably be amongst the rock-thirsty spectators gathered at Corona Theatre on June 6th to see him perform with Steve Shelley and Nick Kuepfer. We recommend it, strongly.

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