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UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 3)

UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 3) | Saturday, May 25th


Moving on to the third day of One Man Band Festival, now. Scroll down to watch what all those gorgeous one-person acts are up to when they let out their creative voice. Again, you may click on any name for more details.

One Man Band Fest
Day Three – Saturday, May 25th - [Tickets]

Casa del Popolo, 8:00 PM, 10$
If you end up at Casa on night number three, here is a glimpse of what you shall witness.

The World Provider – 9:15 PM
"The World Provider, [Malcolm Fraser's] superheroic alter ego and main music project, has been combining catchy tunes, strange sonics and over-the-top theatrical performance since 1999."

Delta Will – 10:00 PM 
"On stage, Delta Will emerges as Charles’ outer space alter ego: an alien that has fallen in love with humanity and its traditions of blues and folk music."

Laura Barrett – 10:45 PM 
"It’s really Barrett’s fascinating and innovative approach to writing songs that bolsters her use of novel sounds and makes her generate a richer sound."
The Lonesome Organist – 11:30 PM 
"A multi-instrumentalist, Jacobsen, uses guitar, keys, harmonica, steel drum, and various percussion instruments to get his unique blend of blues, rock, garage, Caribbean, and Appalachian sounds that will make you shake into bliss."

Barfly – 8:00 PM, 10$
If your steps take you to Barfly on that faithful Saturday night, behold your program for the night.

Shake It Like a Caveman – 9:15 PM
"Shake it like a Caveman’s Facebook band description and interest says that he likes natural foods, 70’s Jazz, Raving and girls."

Fireball Grant – 10:00 PM 
"Harnessing the souls of great like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy Williamson and many other blues musicians, this One man that sounds like they all got together in the great beyond an gave birth to this One Man Bluesband." 

Elgin-Skye – 10:45 PM 
"Armed with an electric guitar and a looping pedal, she plays lo-fi indie-pop with a style reminiscent of artists such as Regina Spektor, Bjork, and Braids."

Royers One-Man Band – 11:30 PM 
"Royer sings and plays bluegrass on 5 instruments at once using banjo, dobro, harmonica and his home made foot controlled Guitar Machine (guitar and bass)."

Divan Orange – 8:00 PM, 10$
Maybe Divan Orange will host your music-thirsty self on the third night of the festival. If so, take a look at what you shall see (or hear, rather).

Ira Lee – 9:00 PM
"Informed by the visceral emotion of a constantly shape shifting existence, Lee employs the absurd punishment and guilty discoveries of sound and science to the degenerative, polymorphic, sycophantic romance of the human condition."
Jenn Miereau
– 9:45 PM
"Jenn also brings this one-woman-band approach to her live shows where she layers live looping, beatboxing and beats created on her vintage MPC2000 sampler, while playing Wurlitzer and singing."

Oldfolks Home – 10:30 PM 
"As a one man show, Lopez-Aguilar delivers an engaging, emotional experience, drawing the listener into the most difficult time of his life."  

Chris Velan – 11:15 PM 
"Live, Velan uses a loop pedal which thickens and layers the music, as he performs live as a one man band."

Le Cagibi – 8:00 PM, 10$
Show goers may also target Le Cagibi on Saturday night. If they do, they will experience the awesomeness of the following one-(wo)man bands.

Chersea – 9:15 PM
"At 22 years of age this blonde bombshell has a voice and an on stage enigma radiating back to the ‘50s."

Bird Radio – 10:00 PM 
"Bird Radio is multi-instrumentalist Mikey Kirkpatrick who performs and records original songs using flutes, bone-loops, vocals, effects and a red kick drum to create a very un-ethereal and intensely curious mash-up between electronic music and traditional folk tales."

Xania – 10:45 PM 
"Like a female Buck 65 with more edgy lyrical content."

Jenny Omnichord – 11:30 PM 
"It was the purchase of an omnichord in Jenny's father's thrift store 12 years ago that set her along this path, its carnivalesque, slightly Hebraic sounds."

The Playhouse – 8:00 PM, 10$
If you playfully make your way to the Playhouse on the third evening, here is what will be on the menu.

Igor vs. Rogi – 9:30 PM
"One man, two egos. 3 instruments. Things can get very electronic when rogi takes the stage."

"Jesse Dangerously is like "Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;" "Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;" "not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;" "the white version of a Black Zach Galifiniakis;" "like Buck 65, but faster and fat;" "like a teenage Che Guevara meets Christina Aguilara." "

Clara Venice – 11:00 PM 
"Clara Venice’s live performance is a high-wire act that must be seen and heard to be believed. Like a classicaly trained Velvet Underground’s Niko with a Theremin."

Matt Dorgan Project – 11:45 PM 
"MATT dorgan PROJECT fuses analogue and electric sounds together to create a unique alternative and electronic jazz fuzz."

Rob Crooks – 12:45 PM 
"Nowadays, I’d just as soon take my sampler up on stage with me and pound out beats from the pads, and rap my own songs – or sing them – by myself."

Studio Sundari – FREE Workshop / 10$ show
Maybe you will decide to go to cozy Studio Sundari on Day Three. In that case, take a look at what you can expect.

Workshop – 3:00 PM
"Pierre St. Pierre, the Mechanical Musical Marvel moves with the stylized action of a sophisticated automaton and plays the accordion with graceful virtuosity from a seemingly endless repertoire."

< Workshop/Panel on Looping & Touring >

Show – Doors: 11:00 PM
Books on Tape – 12:00 AM 
"Todd Drootin is making a triumphant return to Montreal and bringing Books on Tape's notoriously raucous live shows combining oddball tempo changes, clashing samples colliding, punk rock energy, hip-hop swagger and more."

Robot Bomb Shelter – 1:00 AM 
"He blends together several types of dance music, including Techno, Industrial/EBM and IDM to create a truly unique, mood-driven performance."
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