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UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 2)

UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 2) | Friday, May 24th


Friday, May 24th will be the second day of this year’s One Man Band Festival. Once more, The Soupe Kitchen decided to give you a slight taste of what the festival has in store for you. Scroll down to have a gander, and click on any name to find out more about the one-person band it designates.

One Man Band Fest
Day Two – Friday, May 24th - [Tickets]

Casa del Popolo, 8:00 PM, 12$
May you stumble upon Casa on the second night and decide to walk in, here is what you will see, hear, and feel.

The Kettle Black – 9:15 PM
"Someone said it sounded like Mr. Wrong and Neil Young jamming with Big Black in Roger Waters living room."

Lederhosen Lucil – 10:00 PM
"She is here to discover the quirks and quarks of human nature while making people dance with her kitsch music!"

Thomas Truax – 10:45 PM
"He crafts some potent songs, poetically evocative and rich with melancholy."
Wax Mannequin – 11:30 PM 
"Incorporating folk, scrappy prog-metal and a tireless creative ethic, Wax infused his local influences with road-broken experience to forge something unsettlingly new."

Barfly – 8:00 PM, 10$
Perhaps destiny will conduct you towards Barfly on night number two. If such a prophecy ends up being fulfilled, here is an idea of what you can be impatient for.

Mickey Moone – 9:00 PM
"Mickey Moone is a compulsive songwriter. A chameleon and do-it-yourself man."

This Is Me As a Woman – 10:00 PM 
"Her inspirations are derived from a stream of consciousness approach of what she calls ‘crushing and ripping it’ (meaning being as heavy as possible)."

Pang Attack – 10:45 PM
"Mellow and spacious, dark and hushed yet smothered in beauty, Alex’s ambition is to create beautiful noise."

Shake It Like a Caveman – 11:30 PM 
"When you come to a SILAC show you are invited to leave your inner vegetarian at the door and let the carnivore out the bag and onto the dance floor as the master himself slides his guitar, drum and harmonica simultaneously into your soul and possesses you."

Divan Orange – 8:00 PM, 12$
Maybe you find yourself under the massive ventilation pipes that snake all over the ceiling of Divan Orange for this second evening out and about. If so, you will be lucky enough to take part in one of the following acts’ performance.

Insect Ark – 9:00 PM
"Creating her personal soundtrack Schechter’s sounds weave a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with sparkling moments of light and flash."

Echo Beach – 10:00 PM 
"Analog synths and guitar effects pedals meld different worlds of music into a definitive style by blending Matson’s love of coaxing musical sounds out of random electronics with poetic arrangements and post-shoegaze experimental drifts & peaks."

 Montag – 11:00 PM 
"It was his work as a sound designer that took most of his time: in the last five years, he wrote the scores to twenty theatre works presented throughout Canada, as well as the original music for five contemporary dance pieces."

L’Escogriffe (a.k.a. L’Esco Bar) – 8:00 PM, 10$

If L’Esco becomes your drinking spot on this (hopefully) beautiful Friday night, take a look at your entertainment team.

Arthur Yoria – 9:15 PM
"Live he combines guitar and vocals with samples, loops, and digital effects."

Emanuel Paquete – 10:00 PM 
"He’s an amazing guitarists, what more can we say?"

Washboard Hank – 10:45 PM
"Washboard Hank plays an amazing conglomeration of bells, license plates, duck calls, etc., and actually gets music out of it."

Mountain Marc Charron – 11:30 PM 
"Marc Charron is a workhorse of a singer/songwriter/musician; playing over 1,000 shows during 12 tours worldwide in 6 years."

Sala Rossa – 8:00 PM, 20$
Some people might pick the Sala Rossa as their beloved 'place to be' on night number two. If such is your plan, below are the professionals whose mission it shall be to entertain you.

Plume – 8:45 PM
"Armed with Guitar, Keys and beautiful vocal loops, Plume’s original compositions will simply make you happy."

Paul Cargnello – 9:30 PM 
"Whether the music he creates is soaked in reggae-roots or dipped in a Louisiana slow-cooker, singer-songwriter Paul Cargnello delivers a sound that surprises and appeals with each offering."

Steve Hill – 10:15 PM
"By the time he was 20 he was already doing more than 200 gigs a year." 
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