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UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 1)

UPCOMING! One Man Band Festival (Day 1) | Thursday, May 23rd


Starting today, on several occasions until the end of the 2nd edition of the One Man Band Festival (May 23rd to 26th), The Soupe Kitchen will discuss both what is going to happen (i.e. the events that are scheduled) and what has happened (i.e. reviews of some of those events). We hope it proves interesting and useful to you music lovers out there.
The festival starts on Thursday, May 23rd. Here are short descriptions of what is to come on this opening night. Click on the name of the artist for more details and a video.
One Man Band Fest

Day One – Thursday May 23rd - [Tickets]

Casa del Popolo – 8:00 PM, 12$
If you choose to head to Casa on the first day of OMBF, here is a little overview of what you can expect.

Washboard Hank – 9:30 PM
You know how Tom Waits uses glass jars and old casseroles as percussions? Imagine if that idea was pushed a little further. Washboard Hank imagined it, and then gave his reflections a very concrete form. Kazoo, dobra, several bells, home made horns, banjo, as well as duck calls and license plates are part of the assortment of instruments that he uses to play his upbeat folk songs. We hear audiences are usually pretty pleased with this man’s live performances.

Ana Bon Bon – 10:15 PM

For whoever might desire to experience the most unorthodox of nights at the cabaret, Ana Bon Bon promises to be the key to dreams being fulfilled. She joyfully plays the accordion while singing her bluesy, swingy, and jazzy songs with a stirring voice and a fun sense of humour. The result is vintage, entertaining, and utterly pleasant.

Bloodshot Bill – 11:15 PM
Most of Montreal has come to love the old school vibe of this local greasy-haired man. He uses custom-made amps, has over 30 releases under his belt, and, most importantly, plays good dirty and bluesy rock and roll. Here is an act that truly never gets old.

Barfly – 8:00 PM, 10$
If you pick Barfly as your destination for this first day of festivities, here are the names of the acts whose music you shall hear.

Bitter Fiction – 9:15 PM

Devin Friesen is apparently a record store clerk, a music journalist, and a former noise radio host based in Calgary. Although is solo project has strong electroacoustic leanings, it is also rooted in melodic mellow rock. It sounds like noisy experimental indie-rock played with a crackling, distortion-filled electric guitar.

Evan Symons – 10:00 PM
Mr. Symons is a rocker that does not seem to be bound by many limits. He plays a bunch of types of rock and folk, using both traditional and electronic means to forge his aesthetic, and a lot of them: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, clarinet, keyboards are part of his arsenal, and he completes the package with video material.

Box Wood – 10:45 PM
Airing from South Florida, Boxwood and his dreamy, foggy pop rock material are sure to captivate audiences. A proud adept of the kind of layering that has gained popularity in modern synth-based indie music, this man puts together catchy melodies that are stunningly complex and effortlessly progressive. On top of it all, he sings his very well written lyrics with a voice that is spiced up with a generous dose of reverb.

Danny Lütz – 11:30 PM
Give Danny Lütz a couple of keyboards, a laptop, and your attention, and you shall have a good time. It takes this man seconds to build a pop song that include a bunch of references to all kinds of genres from all kinds of epochs, using only soft synths, guitars, as well as looping and sampling devices. No wonder his single “Cold Bed” was result as a result of his victory at Voir newspaper’s music competition.

L’Escogriffe (a.k.a. L’Esco Bar) – 8:00 PM, 10$

Finally, if you choose to select L'Esco as your nightly spot, then expect the following.

Billie Zizi – 9:15 PM
When gypsy-looking jazz vocalist Billie Zizi stands behind a microphone, you are likely to be utterly stunned. Whether she uses it to gently drop the sweetest ballads on you on top of loops of her own voice doing back vocals, or letting it snake over thick-synth-based soundscapes, or using it to shake things up in Balkan-flavoured rhythms, she succeeds in stirring souls, beautifully so.

Bradleyboy Mac Arthur – 10:00 PM

Mac Arthur’s folky blues songs recorded with a crackling microphone sound a bit like Jack Kerouac’s books read. He plays a variety of percussions and string instruments to construct songs that are aesthetically located somewhere between gypsy and country music. Predictably, his growling voice fits that whole vibe amazingly.

Jess Abran – 10:45 PM
In Jess Abran’s soulful pieces, one shall find a dash of 90s alternative goodness, mixed with guitars and electronically generated beats. Her lyrics are gorgeous, her experience is palpable (she’s been doing this since the age of 10), and her poise is disarming. The local girl is sure to make you long for her upcoming album.

André Daneau – 11:30 PM
If you’re familiar with Québec folk music, you know about foot stomping. Now, try to picture a foot stomper who is an astonishing harmonica player and a beatboxer. Rather, instead of merely imagining it, just stand in front of a live-performing André Daneau and open your ears. You shall be very pleased.
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